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Working at EY VODW

EY VODW consists of professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds: Innovation specialists, UX designers, digital marketeers, … In every EY VODW project we aim to work in multidisciplinary teams towards a concrete result. We use an approach in which analysis and creativity go hand in hand.

We live by the word COMON!

Every day we focus on being ¿COMON!

  • ¿Thirst for learning? – Learning means growing, every day of the week question what you have learned
  • Customer centric – Keep your eyes on the ball | First help your customers.
  • Open – Try to understand before trying to be understood.
  • Mindful – Be aware of the impact, both positive and negative, you might have on yourself and others.
  • Opportunity savvy – Think positive | Make it work | Avoid thinking in terms of ‘problem’ | Not possible is not an option.
  • No judging – Let positive thoughts drive your work | Don’t judge colleagues, clients, partners, or others.
  • !Be bold! – Dare to take risks and always ask how you can do things differently.

Eager to solve the innovation questions large companies are struggling with? We’re looking for highly talented & ambitious consultants who like to face challenges!



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