3 ways to start engaging with your customers today Show interest for your customers, and they might show interest for you

Today, it does not matter whether your company sells socks, oil, or nothing at all. Each company of a significant size is on social media. Showing off, trying to get followers and engagement from its target population. Few organisations succeed in this though. How come?

Dale Canergy understood this a long time ago: “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” The same applies to social media.

Let me remind you about the basics to drive engagement:

1. Understand your target audience

How often are they using your brand? What matters when they do? For instance, if you are an airline company, you want to understand what are the key criteria for travellers, and key concerns when they are on the road.

2. Share content that is relevant to them

Once you’ve understood customers’ needs and pains, you can write relevant content for them. By doing so, you increase the chances they will engage with your content. For instance, if packing is a concern for your customers, provide them with guidance about what to pack before flying.

3. Actively interact with them, and seek their input

Seek the dialogue with your target population on social media by launching a campaign where everyone shares something that went bad during their last travel, in exchange for a 5€ discount on their next plane ticket

Show interest for your customers, and they might show interest for you

Follow 10 customers today, and ask them why they are buying from you. On top of finding interesting insights, you might realize you’ve just driven up engagement a notch. Besides, what’s there to lose?

What about you? How do you drive engagement?

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