3 lessons from design-thinking for your company culture It does not matter whether you believe in design-thinking or not, your organization needs it

You might have experience with design thinking. You might like it or not. What matters, are the insights you can get from it. Not just for you, but for your company.

More and more companies, across all industries, are experimenting with the Design Thinking methodology. This is the direct consequence of the fact companies need to innovate to be successful in today’s, and more importantly tomorrow’s, market place.

So what are the 3 lessons your company can draw from design-thinking?


1. Put users’ experiences at the centre of what you do

Design-thinking puts the customer and his emotions at the centre of the innovation process. By doing the same at your organization level, you will promote a culture where employees are aware and receptive of the customer’s needs – and are actively engaged in exceeding their expectations.

2. Use prototypes to explore new ideas

In design-thinking, prototyping consists of visualizing an idea to further refine it. Publicly displaying new initiatives in your organization will foster an open-minded culture. In turn, this will promote innovation, and feedback exchange on the new ideas. This way, your organization can quickly integrate the feedback to iterate and launch the best ideas.

3. Embrace failure

In design-thinking, the rule is you never get it right the first time. You need to iterate, and get external insights. This allows you to refine your idea and make it better. A design-culture is thus nurturing and views failure as a learning, and integral part of the innovation process.


It does not matter whether you believe in design-thinking or not, your organization needs it. 

Applying above 3 design thinking principles will make your organization more innovative, hence more successful in the years to come.

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